Last updated: May 23, 2018

Like many other websites, ("We") and its affiliates (such as third-party service providers, advertisers and marketers, etc.) can use cookies and pixels when visiting ( "Website"). or access the services provided on our website.The purpose of this Cookies Policy is to provide the website users ("You" or "Users") with clarity and transparency in how We collect and use cookies ("Policy"). treats "cookies" and "cookies" as the same entity.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile device when you open websites on the Internet. Cookies help users navigate our site and allow us to tailor the content of our site to suit users' needs and preferences. the cookies we use collect your personal information (eg names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses) and they cannot be used to identify you as a person.
They usually collect anonymous identifiers associated with your device, browser, reference URLs, time or usage information, site settings and settings, etc. (as further explained in this policy).

You can find more information about cookies at

2. Types of cookies we use

We use the following types of cookies on our website: Important CookiesThese are cookies that are: Used only for our website to function properly ELLERStrangt necessary for us to provide the services that our users expectIce-necessary CookiesThese are cookies that not required for our site to function or act as the user would expect.

These include cookies related to:
Marketing, which gathers information about the user's browsing patterns and behaviors to target them to ads that would be more likely to interest them
Statistics, which help web site owners to collect information about users on their website, such as when they first visited the site and / or how often they access it and at any time.

These also include cookies that log how the user came across the site, with which search engine or other link.

3. How we use cookies

We use cookies for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Helping new visitors during the registration process,
  • Allowing visitors to set site settings,
  • Allowing visitors to navigate between pages on the site more efficiently,
  • To operate the website's functionality optimally and efficiently to activate certain features of the site.
  • To gather information about visitor / user activity on the site and to understand how it is used,
  • To detect and prevent fraudulent use of the site,
  • To track how visitors / users, arrive at our website for marketing. and to track referrals
  • To deliver more relevant advertising to our visitors / users on websites and mobile applications they visit for research and analytical purposes
  • To see which users interact with the site in total

We do not sell information under any circumstances. tion collected via cookies.

4. Managing cookies

If you do not want websites to place cookies on your computer or mobile device at all, you can customize your browser settings so that you will be notified before any cookie is placed.

You can also customize the settings so that your browser refuses all cookies, or only third-party cookies.
Similarly, you can delete some of your cookies that have already been placed. Note that you need to customize the settings separately for each browser, mobile device and computer you use.

Without cookies enabled, we could not guarantee that our site and your experience with it would be optimal.
It is important to note that different browsers offer different ways to configure the browser cookie settings. The following links give you steps on how to delete or adjust the cookie file on your particular browser:

Internet Explorer -
Firefox -
Google Chrome -
Safari -

If necessary, check your browser's "help" feature, or go to your browser's manual. If you wish to disconnect cookies from specific parties, you can do so at

Please note that We are not responsible for the content of external websites.

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Cookie Policy

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